Am HaTorah Communal Shabbos
Parshas Balak, June 29-30
Expanded schedule of classes and minyanim. Make your reservation to join us for a communal luncheon Shabbos day after davening. RSVP by Monday June 25th to or 301-229-2751. Click here for the full schedule.

Am HaTorah's Summer SEED Program!
July 20th - August 4th
Mark your calendars for this year’s Summer SEED program.
We are looking forward to a wonderful two weeks.
Stay tuned for more details!

Many thanks again to Mrs. Donna Stoller for her recent inspiring presentation on "Memoirs of the Holocaust" and for initiating such an important conversation. For those who were unable to attend, recordings of the presentations are available by clicking on the following links:

Memoirs of Elie Weisel,
Presented by Mrs. Donna Stoller

Finding Meaning in Our Nation's History of Suffering, Rabbi Yehoshua Singer