Asara B'Teves
Tuesday December 18th
Fast begins 6:10 AM and ends 5:35 PM.
Mincha tentatively planned for 1:15 PM -
please let us know if you can join us.
Mincha to be followed by a discussion at 1:45 PM entitled
"The Septuagint and Artscroll: Is Translation A Good Thing?"

A Jewish Perspective on End of Life and Hospice Care
Thursday, December 20th, 7:30 PM
A special presentation on hospice care policies and practices
by Rabbi Micah Segelman, PhD, a health policy researcher
with a focus on aging, long term care, and end of life.
Refreshments will be served. Click here for more information.
Location: Connie Morella Library Meeting Room, 7400 Arlington Road
RSVP appreciated to or 301-229-2751.

Shabbos, December 21st and 22nd, Parshas Vayechi
We will again be participating in the
Traditional End-of-life Awareness Movement (TEAM) Shabbos,
a national movement dedicated to generating awareness
and guiding the community on end-of-life matters.
Click here for more details.

Women's Book Club

Currently reading:
Endurance: A Year in Space,
A Lifetime of Discovery

by Scott Kelly

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Monday, February 25th, 8:00 PM

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