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Stepping Stones to Sinai: A 5-part Series
Sundays in May at 10:30 AM
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Of Priests and Princes: Sunday, May 15th. The Torah gives us specific laws for priests and for kings and expects us to show respect for priests and princes. What is the purpose of showing them honor? What makes a king or priests different than anyone else?
Finding Myself in Community: Sunday, May 22nd. Communal life is an integral part of a Torah life, from shuls to schools to Shabbos and holiday meals. What is the ultimate role and purpose of the community? What is the role of the individual within the community?
The Treasure of Torah: Sunday, May 29th. G-d sealed His pact with us to be His nation through Torah. We are known to this day as The People of the Book. What does Torah mean for us, how are we to approach Torah study, and how does Torah connect us with G-d?
Celebrating Sinai: The Beauty & Depth of Shavuos
Tuesday, May 24th, 7:30 PM
Join us for a discussion of the laws, customs, and meaning of the
holiday of Shavuos. Sponsorships available.

Cheesecake and Lambchops
Tuesday, June 1st, 7:30 PM
On Shavuos many eat dairy meals, and some even have a dairy appetizer and a meat entrée. Join us as we prepare for Shavuos with an overview of the laws of meat and milk, and how one can even have both in the same meal.

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Preparing for Shavuous (May 2022) --
Stepping Stones to Sinai

A 5-part series by Rabbi Singer analyzing
some of the fundamentals of Judaism.
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