Shabbos Morning, July 20th
Praying for Others: Can I Really Change Someone Else's Destiny?
Join us for an enlightening discussion led by Rabbi Singer. Services begin at 9:15 AM followed by a kiddush. Discussion will begin at approximately 10:45 AM.

Sunday Evening, July 21st
A History Unchecked: Grieving For the Future
As we observe the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz and begin the Three Weeks of Mourning for the destruction of the Temples, join us for a discussion of the purpose and meaning of mourning. Evening service following the discussion.

Am HaTorah's Annual Summer SEED Program!
August 2nd - August 17th
Stay tuned for more details for this exciting Am HaTorah program!
We are looking forward to many meaningful discussions including:
* Donít Miss Your Burning Bush
* Living a Life of Happiness
* Best Interests in Child Custody
* Feelings: When to Overcome & When to Embrace
* The Secret to a Motherís Devotion

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Women's Book Club

Currently reading:
Endurance: A Year in Space,
A Lifetime of Discovery
, by Scott Kelly

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A Jewish Perspective on
End of Life and Hospice Care

Click here to listen to this presentation
by Rabbi Micah Segelman, PhD,
a health policy researcher with a focus
on aging, long term care, and end of life.